The Heartbeats of Research

February is Heart Month, and we are sharing some of the incredible cardiac-related research made possible by the Alberta Women’s Health Foundation. 

Researchers, funded by the Alberta Women’s Health Foundation (AWHF), are making incredible strides in all aspects of women’s health, including heart-related research.  

Our foundation supports a total of 160 women’s health researchers through the Women and Children’s Health Research Institute (WCHRI). 

As we mark Heart Month this February, we are proud to share more about the researchers we fund for their heart-related work. The list below truly creates heartbeats of research at the Alberta Women’s Health Foundation.  

And YOU—our donors—make these heartbeats possible. Your dollars change lives. This Heart Month, please give generously.  


At the Forefront of Change

Within the walls of the CK Hui Heart Centre, in addition the highly skilled cardiologists and incredible care teams, you will also find the brightest minds at the forefront of research in heart health.  

The CK Hui is now home to work focused on women’s heart health research being undertaken by Dr. Colleen Norris, the Alberta Women’s Health Foundation’s Cavarzan Chair in Mature Women’s Health Research.  

Dr. Colleen Norris

Heart disease remains the leading cause of death for women in Canada. Shockingly, more women succumb to cardiovascular diseases than all cancers combined, with at least five times more deaths from heart disease than breast cancer alone. Despite growing awareness, there is still a substantial gap in our understanding of women's heart health. 

Dr. Norris’ latest research, known as The Women’s Heart Health Research Collaborative, aims to change that by exploring specific characteristics of women’s cardiovascular systems. Her work will shape the future of care and our understanding of the unique challenges and gender-based factors that impact women’s heart health. This work is an extension of Dr. Norris’ incredible career which has been dedicated to women’s cardiovascular health. 

Learn more about Dr. Norris here  


Researchers Making an Impact

In addition to the work of Dr. Colleen Norris, outlined above, there is so much more heart-related research funded by the AWHF. We aim to share more with you in the future. For now, we invite you to click on the researchers’ names below for more information about their research, courtesy our partners at WCHRI.  

Khaled Barakat 

Stephane Bourque  

Ava Chow 

Christy-Lynn Cooke 

Margie Davenport  

Sandra Davidge 

Esme Dijke 

Luke Eckersley  

Ayman El-Kadi  

Ferrante Gragasin  

Denise Hemmings

Lisa Hornberger 

Rene Jacobs 

Venu Jain 

Padma Kaul  

Richard Lehner  

Helene Lemieux  

Kimberly Macala  

Angela McBrien 

Gavin Oudit  

Edith Pituskin  

Spencer Proctor 

Meghan Riddell 

Jennifer Ringrose 

John Seubert 

Winnie Sia  

Craig Steinback  

Michael Stickland 

Richard Thompson 

Donna Vine 

Jonathan Windram 

Elaine Yacyshyn  

Roger Zemp  


This is just some of the incredible work by AWHF-funded researchers, made possible by donors like you. This February, Heart Month, is a fitting time to give to the cause. Please consider donating today. 



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