Our Impact

In March of 2021, the Alberta Women's Health Foundation launched in recognition of—and opposition to—the many disparities that exist in women's health.

Since then, we have been hard at work fulfilling our mission to uncover those disparities, expand our understanding, and make meaningful positive change possible.

Each day we develop further our knowledge and understanding of the current state of women's health in our province. We intend to improve the health and lives of women, knowing it is good for women and good for community health, public health, and our country's economy.

Without research, doctors are not equipped. Without research, women’s health experiences are not validated, and without research, women are unable to live their lives to the fullest, participate in our economy, and lead communities.

But without first understanding what needs to be researched, we cannot make change.

On the navigation to the left, you will find several of our first major milestones in our pursuit of equity in women's health—the publication of our first thought leadership report, "Finding the Fractures: The Pandemic, Women's Health Disparities, and the Path to Equity."; our 2022 International Women's Day and one-year anniversary video, "We Are Not Equal"; our #PracticeMoreParity campaign to highlight and remove gender bias in sport; and more to come.


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