Surveying the Silence

In the AWHF's latest thought leadership report, "Surveying the Silence: Exploring the Impact of Taboos in Women's Health,we explore the impact of taboos on women’s health and seek to bring attention to medical conditions affecting women's lives in our province.  

We surveyed over 2,200 people in Alberta to understand their top health issues, concerns, and experiences seeking help for conditions specifically associated with women’s anatomy.

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For this report, the second of its kind for the AWHF, we looked past the pandemic and instead focused on the quiet places.

The topics our culture leads many of us to avoid, the questions we do not know to ask, and the conditions about which little is known, such as: menopause, endometriosis, painful periods and PMDD, PCOS, pelvic floor issues, and more.

The culture of silence around health conditions like these and other topics in women’s health has taken a toll on women and has played a role in the many disparities in care and research that still exist today.

Our goal is to close those gaps in knowledge and research.

Read the "Surveying the Silence" report to learn about the prevalence of these issues, the challenges and impacts, and resources for further support. And know that while inspiring research is already taking place, women's health could use your support.

We gratefully acknowledge Organon Canada for supporting the AWHF and becoming our first-ever sponsor of a thought leadership report such as this. 

Through Organon’s generous contributions and global leadership in healthcare, we can truly make meaningful change in the name of women's health.

Thank you Organon, and thank you to all those who have supported us along the way.



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NOTE: A previous version of this report defined endometriosis on page 28 as a condition in which "cells of the uterine lining grow at sites outside the uterus." This has been amended to read, "a chronic condition in which tissue similar to the lining of the uterus grows outside of the uterus." 


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