Alberta Women's Health Foundation Partakes in the Organon Panel Discussion at Effervescence

On April 30th and May 1st, researchers, companies, students, and players in the life sciences sector gathered in Montreal for the fifth edition of the Effervescence Conference. Together, they had the opportunity to showcase knowledge, meet new people, build business relationships, participate in inspiring discussions, and discover new industry developments.

Our own President and CEO of Alberta Women’s Health Foundation (AWHF), Sharlene Rutherford, was featured as a speaker on one of the event panels, titled “Closing the Women ’s Health Gap – It’s Time to Act”, to discuss the complexities and challenges surrounding women’s health needs.

Joining fellow experts Dr. Diane Francoeur, Mrs. Caroline Codsi, and Mrs. Susanne Fiedler, the panel engaged in conversation regarding sex-specific conditions and general conditions that impact women differently or disproportionately. This information covered a wide variety of topics, such as endometriosis and menopause, or broader health issues such as depression and arthritis.

The panel's audience, composed of researchers, policymakers, industry professionals, and media representatives, were able to listen in on and participate in this open discussion, learning about various shortcomings in women’s healthcare, and the steps being taken to make improvements. The panel expanded the discussion to address the societal and economic consequences of the women’s health gap including the effects it has on the workplace, and shared possible solutions to foster gender equity through health.

Sharlene was honoured to have been included in this event, taking time to speak on the importance of these kinds of initiatives and the positive impact they can provide for women’s health.

 “The undeniable gaps in women's health present a challenging road towards enhanced diagnosis and effective treatments, but with partners like Organon Canada, it becomes an inspiring journey brimming with hope. Opportunities such as this not only spark meaningful discussions but also ignite tangible solutions. Through partnerships with like-minded champions for women’s health, the AWHF stands ready to unlock a future of great promise for women everywhere.” - Sharlene Rutherford, AWHF President & CEO

Please join us in extending a sincere thank you to Organon for their continuous collaboration with the AWHF and commitment to improving women's health. Opportunities like these not only foster meaningful discussion but also drive positive change and help keep the importance of women’s health represented.

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