Thank You Alberta Blue Cross

With Alberta Blue Cross as our launch partner, the Alberta Women's Health Foundation fundraising brand officially launched on International Women's Day on March 8th, 2021, as an extension of the Royal Alexandra Hospital Foundation's focus on women's health.

Since that momentous day, you have helped us achieve so much in our goal to #RefocusTheResearch, challenging our fellow Albertans to shift their attention, money and energy away from women’s appearances toward women’s health.

We wanted to share our gratitude and thank you for such incredible support!

Alberta Blue Cross has been standing behind the AWHF since day one, from the #RefocusTheResearch launch campaign to the Mother’s Day campaign encouraging Albertans to match what they spend on Mother’s Day gifts in a donation to women’s health research, and beyond.

Through your steadfast support, we’ve been able to back so many amazing projects: a University of Alberta effort investigating the barriers transgender Albertans face when seeking gender-affirming surgery, with an eye toward developing an transgender care surgical program; Dr. Kingston’s team expanding the Hope Digital Mental Health Platform for women across the full life course; Dr. Ospina’s work to push for equality by focusing on how environment and social factors impact our health, and more. While these are but a few, with your support the list will surely grow. We appreciate you.

From all of us at the Alberta Women's Health Foundation, thank you Alberta Blue Cross for everything you do.


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