Mother's Day 2021: "A long journey"

Alyesha Dyck reflects on the story of her experience with infertility and multiple pregnancy losses, hoping to help women with similar experiences to know that they are never alone even when they feel like they are. 

Mother’s Day 2021: “A long journey”

Thank you for providing a space for women to share their stories.

My husband and I first starting trying to have a baby almost three years ago and it has been a long journey of happiness and overwhelming sadness.

I am now 22 weeks pregnant with a baby girl and so thankful and grateful to be blessed with our growing baby due Aug 29, 2021. But it has not been an easy process.

This is our fifth pregnancy and will be our firstborn baby. We have experienced three miscarriages and one ectopic pregnancy where I was admitted for emergency surgery for laparoscopic surgery to remove the baby and my right fallopian tube.

Throughout the three years, I have been to many doctor appointments, infertility tests, blood tests, and hospital visits. It has been a very difficult experience both emotionally and physically for myself, my husband, and our families.

My hope in sharing my story is that I can help other women stay hopeful even amidst the darkest days when you can't even imagine the next day ahead and to know that you are never alone even when you feel like you are.

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This story from Alyesha Dyck of Leduc County, posted with her permission, was originally submitted directly to the AWHF via the story submission form, and reposted here on the Royal Alex website. Minor grammatical edits have been made for the sake of clarity and accuracy.